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If you have read my story in the about section of my site, you will know that I am one woman wearing MANY hats! How do I manage to balance a full time career, kids, multiple business, invest, travel and find time to workout and socialize?

Well it is a process and I am still trying to find my sweet spot. (That’s my actual personal vision board up there)

I often feel like I am dropping the ball in one or more areas trying to juggle all my passions, responsibilities, hopes and dreams simultaneously. And I bet you do to!

I love using my life experiences to help you navigate through some of your own challenges, whether that be

  • Balancing parenthood while career building
  • Travelling (solo and with kids)
  • How to balance your full time job and side hustle in a healthy way
  • Life goal planning and execution

If you want some help navigating your life or just want an accountability partner

book a coaching call with me.

Resources to Building Your Best Life

I share my best life building resources across many channels.

You can check them out here.


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