Build Wealth


As a natural learner and educator I have been actively seeking ways to build wealth for myself, my community and my family. From side hustles to investing I am now sharing my knowledge in fun, interactive and easy to understand courses.

If you have been thinking about how to make extra money to supplement income, save for retirement or your kids college fund, get out of debt or purchase a big ticket item like your first house, I can help you get started!

My best money making moments include:

  • Making my first $3000 in the stock market within a week!
  • Earning over 40K+ in side hustle while holding down a full time job
  • Getting over $35,000 in personal grants for my arts and business practices
  • Getting over $1 Million in grants for small- medium organizations and individuals

Online Courses and Coaching

Where my workshops introduce you to making money, my online courses go a bit more in depth on each topic in my Make Money Workshop Series.

Investing 101 - Product View

Interested in going deeper into making money through multiple income streams?

Click here for a list of my online courses.


Looking to access grants, learn about fundraising or learn how to build a your next side hustle?

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I have a passion for teaching workshops that help people find out how to capitalize on multiple streams of income fro themselves and their organizations.

If you are interested in bringing together a group of people for a workshop you can click here to book me for a workshop from my Make Money Workshop Series.

Student Testimonials

“I learned so much in just one session and the instructor was very warm and professional. She knew what she was talking about and was able to answer our questions very well.” – Maria, Investing 101 Course

“Paulina is clear, involved and detailed when teaching the course.” – Mikela, Investing 101 Course

“The course is true to its respective outline. One must also know that the content is rich and exclusive. This isn’t information that is freely disclosed at this price. ” – Grace, Investing 101 Course

“The course was much more informative than any Youtube Video or other courses I’ve seen, and the instructor was relatable, very clear and know what she’s doing.” – Tahisha, Investing 101 Course

“Very great teaching style. She is very clear and takes the time to answer all questions! The course is very informative. I received way more knowledge than I did at the bank!” Danielle, Investing 101 Course