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You have taken the first step to making your money grow

I know investing can be a daunting and sometimes scary territory to enter. You have probably heard how risky it can be and who wants to lose their hard earned money, especially in today’s world.

But as the saying goes, without risk there is no reward. With my course I will help ease your fears by giving you some basic knowledge so that you can minimize that risk and get to the reward.

This online webinar will include:

  • Setting up an investment account
  • Understanding what stocks are and how to start investing in them
  • How to read stock charts and know when you are making money
  • What are dividends and how they can help your investment grow
  • Tips on how to minimize risk

To help you practice while you follow this webinar, I have prepared for you a stock simulator so you can practice on paper, test your investment returns and get comfortable in understanding your investments better.

Download the STOCK SIMULATOR (2)


Topic: Investing 101: A Starter Course for New Investors (May 17th Session)

Time: May 17, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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